There is another

world waiting

to be built.

A place where people are the true center of all relations. Where we must create new ways to unravel matters in order to make life more meaningful.


I like to break things that already exist, in order to build new things, that are much more interesting."

Ariel Lambrecht, Co-Founder

monashees led the Seed round, participated in the Series A and B rounds, and worked on the Board of Directors and alongside founders and leadership team for over 4+ years.

What moves me is the real possibility that we have in ContaAzul to boost the success of small businesses here in Brazil, generating a positive impact on job creation and the inclusion of SMEs in the country's GDP."

Vinícius Augusto Zaratine, Co-Founder & CEO

ContaAzul is the first Cloud Accounting Platform for Small Businesses in Brazil and the only one that allows business owners to work together with their accountant in the same environment.

We did not enter the market to compete with vegan products brands. We want to compete with conventional meat producers companies, to sell to meat-eaters and provide more access to plant-based meat. Fazenda Futuro is for everyone.”

Marcos Leta, Founder & CEO

Fazenda Futuro is the first Brazilian Foodtech company that produces plant-based meat just as juicy and with similar texture and taste as that of animal meat.

Thomas and I both had bad experiences looking for properties. It became clear to us that the process could be more efficient."

Brian Requarth, Co-Founder & co-Chairman  grupo ZAP

monashees led the Series A round in Viva Real in 2012, and participated in the Series B round in 2014. In 2017 as a result of the VivaReal and Zap Imoveis merger, Grupo Zap was crated. In 2020 Grupo Zap was acquired by OLX.

We created Loft to be the largest transactional platform for real estate used in emerging markets. With our cycle neutral business model, (free of the ups and downs of the real estate market) we aim to create an easy, enjoyable and high liquidity experience for our customers. We will accomplish it on a global scale, under the banner 'Made in Brazil' ".

Florian Hagenbuch, Founder & Co-CEO

Loft buys, renovates and resells used homes. By leveraging technology to evaluate assets, Loft guarantees liquidity to those who sell, and properties with high added value to those who buy.

I am very proud to be part of a team that is changing the way we think and do logistics in Brazil."

Arthur Debert, Co-Founder & Head of Product

Loggi's mission is to allow any commerce, virtual or physical, to delight its clients with fast, reliable, traceable, and inexpensive delivery.

We are driven by the challenge of revolutionizing traditional retail. We want to redesign this value chain, making business more efficient for everyone involved."

Marcelo Scandian, Co-Founder & CFO

MadeiraMadeira is an e-commerce that simplifies the online purchase of home products, offering the greatest variety with the lowest cost at the greatest convenience possible, connecting the final consumer directly to the warehouse.

At first, because I was so inexperienced in the financial arena, I had the naivety of wanting to do things. And I think it was for this reason that I managed to do them! If I had known all the challenges I would face, I might have given up before trying. Neon is here to change how things are done in the market. We have the potential and the team to do it."

Pedro Conrade, Founder & CEO

It is the first 100% digital bank in Brazil that has no account fee and offers unlimited withdrawals, credit, debit, payment, transfer, deposit, investment and 24h chat services.

I say, humbly, that having reached the milestone of 70 thousand customers is a testimony that our team is phenomenal. Across the globe, we have amazing responses from small businesses that have seen the results that Pipedrive can help get in business. But we're just getting started. The CRM market is very much in dispute and the most important thing is to have a good product."

Timo Rein, Co-Founder & CEO

Pipedrive is a CRM that gives teams control over the sales process with a unique combination of proven features and award-winning technology.

We want to be a one-stop shop, the biggest on-demand service provider in Latin America. In Rappi’s app, consumers can buy whatever they want, plus send or receive money. Our couriers can pay bills or withdraw money, as well as go out for a walk with your dog."

Simon Borrero, Co-Founder & CEO

Rappi enables customers to have any product delivered to their home within minutes, creating positive and lasting social impact for the delivery staff and local businesses.

We partner with inspiring people, who encourage relations that are fair, transparent and collaborative.


Those who use grit and creativity to strengthen their businesses, make the difference, and propel Brazil and Latin America into being an example to the world. Thus, building new possibilities for a new reality.

monashees. Together, creating new realities.



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