There is another

world waiting

to be built.

One where people are the center of all relationships. Where there exists a need to create innovative ways to solve problems and fill life with more meaning.


There are people out there who want to build this world.

And they possess the power to revolutionize markets, to conceive new technologies, to challenge the status quo, create value, and to improve existence for all.

It is with these people that we want to create a community of  new path-creators.


We found a concrete problem to solve: create a system that organizes the commercial process, considering the company's client portfolio, on the one hand, and its supply chain, on the other. In the absence of a good solution in the market, we decided to build this software initially for the resellers. This is how Meus Pedidos came about."

Celso Tonelli, Co-Founder & Head of Product

Meus Pedidos is the first and largest sales platform for industries and resellers in Brazil, combining Sales Force automation, CRM, and B2B e-Commerce.

We help dog owners who need to leave their dogs for a few days under the care of someone they trust. It also helps the Hosts, whose vocation is to take care of dogs, turning their love into a profession."

Fernando Gadotti, Co-Founder & CFO/COO

Because a dog is a member of the family, DogHero finds other families willing to welcome a dog at a time when the owner needs to separate from them.

The idea of developing a directory so that people can easily find a service provider, such as mechanics or plumbers, came up while still at university. Teewa is the result of that vision."

Raphael Lima da Rocha, Co-Founder & Product Development Leader

Teewa is a technology platform developed to operate globally and make the interaction between clients and shops or service providers more convenient and effective, on a local (neighborhood) or hyperlocal (city) level.

Logistics is the greatest fragility of an e-commerce transaction. This is what led us to create Mandaê. We wanted to increase the efficiency of services and reduce the complexity of the shipping and delivery process. I want to see Mandaê as the player that transformed the way packages are shipped in Brazil."

Karim Hardane, Co-Founder & Head of Product

Mandaê is a digital platform that facilitates the lives of those who sell online, consolidating the fragmentation of the Brazilian logistics market, connecting distribution centers, transporters, and vehicle fleets.

I have a lot of passion for the concept of smart city, an area of knowledge which tries to collect as much data as possible about transportation, to help make decisions about how people can get around better. In order for this to happen, the data collection needs to be of good quality for intelligence to be built on it”.

Renato Freitas, Co-Founder & CTO

YELLOW is the first company in Brazil to offer shared bikes in a dockless system (free re-distribution, without a station for withdrawal and return) released by a mobile application.

We are driven by the challenge of revolutionizing traditional retail. We want to redesign this value chain, making business more efficient for everyone involved."

Marcelo Scandian, Co-Founder & CFO

MadeiraMadeira is an e-commerce that simplifies the online purchase of home products, offering the greatest variety with the lowest cost at the greatest convenience possible, connecting the final consumer directly to the warehouse.

We invest in these entrepreneurs because they inspire us and lead us all to a fairer, more transparent, and more collaborative world.


Who use Brazilian creativity and grit to strengthen their businesses, to make a difference, and who draw our country into focus on the global map of tech. And thus, build possibilities for a new world.

monashees. Together, creating new realities.



Major past companies

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Meu Móvel de Madeira

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