There is another

world waiting

to be built.

A place where people are the true center of all relations. Where we must create new ways to unravel matters in order to make life more meaningful.


There are people out there who want to build this world.

Who challenge the status quo and revolutionize markets by using technology to solve relevant problems, create value and improve life for all of us.

It is with these people that we are building a community of new pathway creators.



The supply chain of consumer goods in Latin America is highly fragmented and controlled by middlemen. Producers do not have a simple way to sell directly to end consumers. So, they end up depending on many layers of middlemen who take up to 80% of margins. We want to change this.”

David Arrambide, Co-founder & CEO of Calii

Calii is a marketplace for collective purchases of products, which connects consumers directly to producers, bringing efficiency and economy to the value chain.

I am very proud to be part of a team that is changing the way we think and do logistics in Brazil."

Arthur Debert, Co-Founder & Head of Product

Loggi's mission is to allow any commerce, virtual or physical, to delight its clients with fast, reliable, traceable, and inexpensive delivery.

Thomas and I both had bad experiences looking for properties. It became clear to us that the process could be more efficient."

Brian Requarth, Co-Founder & co-Chairman  grupo ZAP

Grupo ZAP is present throughout the whole real estate process – buying, selling and renting — and has the mission of transforming the way Brazilian real estate market business works through technology.

We like to work in collaboration with cities to help make transport better and less damaging to the environment. We started in Mexico City and we plan to expand to all of Latin America soon. "

Sergio Romo, Co-founder

Grin is a Mexican electric scooter sharing company throughout Latin America. Through their app users can find and unlock a scooter, use it, and park it anywhere, for an affordable price.

Neoway came about when I was getting my doctorate. I developed a robot to map all the public information domains in Brazil. Then, it was just a matter of formatting and offering this Big Data solution to the private market."

Jaime de Paula, Founder & CEO

Neoway combines technology and market intelligence to improve the economic and organizational performance of companies.

I like to break things that already exist, in order to build new things, that are much more interesting."

Ariel Lambrecht, Co-Founder

monashees led the Seed round, participated in the Series A and B rounds, and worked on the Board of Directors and alongside founders and leadership team for over 4+ years.

We invest in inspiring people, who encourage relations that are fair, transparent and collaborative.


Those who use grit and creativity to strengthen their businesses, make the difference, and propel Brazil and Latin America into being an example to the world. Thus, building new possibilities for a new reality.

monashees. Together, creating new realities.




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