There is another

world waiting

to be built.

One where people are the center of all relationships. Where there exists a need to create innovative ways to solve problems and fill life with more meaning.


There are people out there who want to build this world.

And they possess the power to revolutionize markets, to conceive new technologies, to challenge the status quo, create value, and to improve existence for all.

It is with these people that we want to create a community of  new path-creators.


In a few years, I want to be at the forefront of the fastest growing startup in the history of the Brazilian digital market, helping companies grow, and democratizing the use of data for strategic decision making."

Vitor de Araújo, Co-Founder & CMO

Arquivei turns bureaucracy into a competitive advantage, with a platform that automates the management of tax documents and organizes data, creating market intelligence and operational efficiency for companies.

I used to be called a 'data nerd.' After Big Data became more popular, I came to be respectfully called a 'data scientist.”

Russell Weiss, Co-Founder & CRO

WEEL offers a system that automates risk-taking decisions from Big Data tools, greatly reducing credit and capital costs, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

When we began living together, Ana and I realized that there was a lack of space in our closets. We decided to sell some clothes. We published everything in a blog. ​It became Enjoei, an online marketplace that connects people who want to buy and people who want to sell personal items. From the beginning, the project still not intended to become our main source of income, was a promising business."

Tiê Lima, Co-Founder

Enjoei is a marketplace specialized in intermediating the purchase and sale of used fashion such as clothes, shoes, and accessories. The mission of the platform is to keep personal items alive and moving, increasing the buying and selling of used items and giving them a new owner and a new meaning.

We believe salespeople can only be successful if they relentlessly focus on their pipeline. But because sales is also about contact management, lead generation, emailing, contracts, invoicing and support, we have teamed up with the best and brightest sales innovators and developers to offer a complete range of complementary tools in one marketplace."

Martin Henk, Co-Founder & Head of Product Management

Pipedrive is a CRM that gives teams control over the sales process with a unique combination of proven features and award-winning technology.

We want to be a one-stop shop, the biggest on-demand service provider in Latin America. In Rappi’s app, consumers can buy whatever they want, plus send or receive money. Our couriers can pay bills or withdraw money, as well as go out for a walk with your dog."

Simon Borrero, Co-Founder & CEO

Rappi enables customers to have any product delivered to their home within minutes, creating positive and lasting social impact for the delivery staff and local businesses.

We invest in these entrepreneurs because they inspire us and lead us all to a fairer, more transparent, and more collaborative world.


Who use Brazilian creativity and grit to strengthen their businesses, to make a difference, and who draw our country into focus on the global map of tech. And thus, build possibilities for a new world.

monashees. Together, creating new realities.



Major past companies

Empresa Unicórnio

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Didi Chuxing

january, 2018

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Hub International

august, 2014

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october, 2016

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may, 2016

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Meu Móvel de Madeira

february, 2018

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september, 2014

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march, 2018

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october, 2018