There is another

world waiting

to be built.

One where people are the center of all relationships. Where there exists a need to create innovative ways to solve problems and fill life with more meaning.


There are people out there who want to build this world.

And they possess the power to revolutionize markets, to conceive new technologies, to challenge the status quo, create value, and to improve existence for all.

It is with these people that we want to create a community of  new path-creators.


We are in the business of saving time and money for our customers for their travel demands. I am convinced that we will become one of the biggest players in the world in our industry."

Pedro Oliveira, Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Hotelli facilitates all processes related to corporate travel. The company simplifies to the maximum the way companies purchase trips, generating significant efficiency gains in their operations.

Our value proposition is to demystify and simplify the experience of purchasing insurance and other financial products using cutting-edge technology, multiple client interaction platforms, and connection with the country's leading insurers. The client receives quotes from several companies in a few minutes and also talks to a Bidu consultant in real time to ask questions. We combine the advantages of the online world (speed and convenience) with the advantages of the offline world (personalized multi-channel service)."  

Rodolpho Gurgel, CEO

Bidu utilizes state-of-the-art technology with a focus on consumer experience to provide reliability and convenience when quoting, comparing, and buying insurance and other financial products.

I say, humbly, that having reached the milestone of 70 thousand customers is a testimony that our team is phenomenal. Across the globe, we have amazing responses from small businesses that have seen the results that Pipedrive can help get in business. But we're just getting started. The CRM market is very much in dispute and the most important thing is to have a good product."

Timo Rein, Co-Founder & CEO

Pipedrive is a CRM that gives teams control over the sales process with a unique combination of proven features and award-winning technology.

We needed to manage a team of developers in a fast-growing company – ours. The existing tools and methodologies were frustrating, so we decided to create our own solution. This is how was born."

Franklin Valadaris, Co-Founder & CTO wants to help managers who are interested in the success of their organizations, by offering tools that solve complex problems in a simple and pragmatic way.

I always noticed that many professionals, who are excellent from a technical point of view, had difficulty relating to others due to a lack of social and emotional skills. MindLab was created to help people cope with pressure, think strategically, work as a team, and learn how to negotiate – among other crucial skills for any executive."

Valmir Pereira, Founder & CEO

MindLab offers people - from children to executives - the lesson of cognitive, social, emotional, and ethical skills through physical or digital games, applicable in schools and the corporate environment.

We seek to create efficiency and benefits for all agents in the Health Care value chain. We want to cure everyone's pain – doctors, patients, and pharmacists."

René Moraes, Co-Founder & CTO

Memed is a free digital prescription and drug intelligence tool available to doctors, anytime, anywhere. It bring more efficiency to doctors, patients and pharmacies, improving the health reality in Brazil.

We invest in these entrepreneurs because they inspire us and lead us all to a fairer, more transparent, and more collaborative world.


Who use Brazilian creativity and grit to strengthen their businesses, to make a difference, and who draw our country into focus on the global map of tech. And thus, build possibilities for a new world.

monashees. Together, creating new realities.



Major past companies

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Meu Móvel de Madeira

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