There is another

world waiting

to be built.

One where people are the center of all relationships. Where there exists a need to create innovative ways to solve problems and fill life with more meaning.


There are people out there who want to build this world.

And they possess the power to revolutionize markets, to conceive new technologies, to challenge the status quo, create value, and to improve existence for all.

It is with these people that we want to create a community of  new path-creators.


We want to increase relationships of trust and credibility in the market, in real time, helping companies approve more clients safely and automatically.”

Raphael Melo, Co-Founder & COO

IDwall is a technology and security company that provides solutions for identity validation and fraud prevention in an automatic and integrated way.

I wanted to learn French. I did not want a formal teacher in a traditional classroom or structured lessons in the old-fashioned way. I wanted a simple way to practice with a French native, a guy like me. This is how the idea of Cambly came about."

Kevin Law, Co-Founder & President

Cambly seeks to facilitate the learning of new languages for billions of people around the planet.

Thomas and I both had bad experiences looking for properties. It became clear to us that the process could be more efficient."

Brian Requarth, Co-Founder & co-Chairman  grupo ZAP

Grupo ZAP is present throughout the whole real estate process – buying, selling and renting — and has the mission of transforming the way Brazilian real estate market business works through technology.

We have been well received in the charter transport sector because everyone has idle vehicles and are interested in more activity. We have brought to Brazil a success model from abroad that makes the service more affordable, improves its quality, and above all creates a democratic environment increasing the passenger’s power of choice."

Marcelo Abritta, Co-founder & CEO

Marketplace connecting passenger and bus charter companies forming intermunicipal travel groups generates savings for users and optimizes the use of partnering vehicles.

We had a hard time recruiting new talent in the beauty sector. That's why we created Carreira Beauty, a job website specific to this industry, which grew and became the 'Linkedin of Beauty Professionals.'"  

Rui Kiyoshi Miadaira, Founder & CEO

Carreira Beauty is a digital platform dedicated to empowering and connecting beauty professionals using the largest online database in this segment in Brazil.

We invest in these entrepreneurs because they inspire us and lead us all to a fairer, more transparent, and more collaborative world.


Who use Brazilian creativity and grit to strengthen their businesses, to make a difference, and who draw our country into focus on the global map of tech. And thus, build possibilities for a new world.

monashees. Together, creating new realities.



Major past companies

Empresa Unicórnio

Acquired by

Didi Chuxing

january, 2018

Acquired by

Hub International

august, 2014

Acquired by


october, 2016

Acquired by

Meu Móvel de Madeira

february, 2018

Acquired by


may, 2016

Acquired by


september, 2014

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march, 2018

Acquired by


october, 2018